How To Do Proximity Chat In Among Us Mobile 2021

How To Do Proximity Chat In Among Us Mobile 2021. Get all your friends to do the same, and now you should all be able to hear each other in game! Open what just downloaded and let it do its thing 4.


Run crewlink, then use it to run among us by clicking open game. Open the among us app and then create a party. This mod is undoubtedly of great help to crewmates in their hunt.

Open The Among Us App And Then Create A Party.

One of these games is “among us” by innersloth, an online multiplayer social deduction game, similar to the board games “the. This mod is undoubtedly of great help to crewmates in their hunt to catch the impostors in the group. All credits for this program go to github user ottomated.

Can You Do Proximity Chat Among Us On Mobile?

Run the program and install the application, choose options, and select your mic and speaker output device. A proximity chat mod for “among us”. The proximity voice chat feature works throughout the map, which means you can have a chat with anyone who’s passing by you or tagging alongside you.

Here’s How You’ll Use Crewlink For Proximity Chat:

Among us was first launched in 2018 and became an instant hit last year after the pandemic hit the world. Install crewlink using the executable you just downloaded. Ensure your among us is fully up to date.

I Can Hear Other Players, But They Can’t Hear Me!

Ask one of the pc users to enable “mobile host” in the settings. Open the crewlink app (you. Go back to the app and fill the lobby code, voice server,.

This Is A Bunch Of Fun, And I Definitely Recommend Trying It.

A mod to hear other players nearby in the ship while the vast majority of gamers use discord to communicate with their partners, an internet user by the name of ottomated has created a mod adding a proximity chat to among us , called crew link. Start among us and join a lobby with at least one bettercrewlink pc user. Select the latest version of an application that should have the word ‘latest’ written right next to it.

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