How To Sublimate A Shirt Without A Heat Press

How To Sublimate A Shirt Without A Heat Press. Next, place a piece of white packing paper inside the shirt. Remember from sublimation printing at home that you must have a heat press to sublimate.

Screen Printing vs Sublimation Printing from

After pressing, remove the transfer by lifting the paper up. On the sublimation paper (easy subli) that are two sides. Preheat easypress or heat press to the recommended temperature of the sublimation paper you are using.

Now That You Know The Process Of Sublimation On Dark Shirts.

Keep the gun about 1 or 1.5 inches away from the mug as you go back and forth over the ink sheet. Place the laminated vinyl paper right in the center of the shirt. Use recommended settings for pressure and temperature.

Preheat Easypress Or Heat Press To The Recommended Temperature Of The Sublimation Paper You Are Using.

The transfers look best on 100% polyester. This is to prevent staining the back of the shirt. We recommend placing a pressing pillow in or below your garment to minimize the appearance of any press marks.

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A heat press is an equipment that uses heat with pressure. Place cardstock or butcher paper inside the shirt. Sublimate on a dark shirt with a light color.

You Also Have To Have Specific Shirts Or Polyester Coated Items.

As a result, you can add more attractiveness to your product. Place your sublimation transfer face down onto the t shirt. Now you need a heat press to press your design.

All These Models Are Very Cheap Sublimation Heat Presses And Are Ideal To Get Started In The World Of Sublimation.

Iron the wrinkles out with low heat while covering with foil. This week we're exploring more with sublimation! Cover with a piece of parchment paper or teflon sheet.

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