How To Win A Custody Battle Against A Narcissistic Father

How To Win A Custody Battle Against A Narcissistic Father. In cases like this, child welfare starts to tumble down the list of priorities and it’s really quite tragic to see kids get caught in the middle. They view the custody battle as a power struggle;

Take Custody of Your Kids. Take Charge of Your Life. Tibbott and from

Move in with a significant other. When it comes to equipping yourself against the narcissist in court, documentation is your best friend. The courts often play into the hands of the narcissist, especially if this individual has extensive financial resources.

You End Up Having To Annihilate Them Because If.

Don’t take the narcissist’s bait or engage in arguments and manipulation that are designed to scare you. The purpose of these long hateful battles is to wear down and exhaust the psychological and financial resources of the injured spouse. Keep your communications with the narcissist straight forward and clean, polite, courteous and calm.

In Cases Like This, Child Welfare Starts To Tumble Down The List Of Priorities And It’s Really Quite Tragic To See Kids Get Caught In The Middle.

Narcissists really know how to stir up trouble. I have known of prolonged cases over custody that have taken over a decade to resolve. Both parents must either agree on a custody plan during mediation and take it to court to be approved, or they must fight over the specifics of their arrangement during litigation.

My Heart Goes Out To You, This Is The “Mother” Of All Battles.

The first and most important thing to do if you’re going through a child custody battle with your ex is knowing why you’re fighting for custody in the first place. Focus on the children and their needs. Move in with a significant other.

Print Them Out And Put Them In Both Binders.

Liberal politicians have loaded these courts with liberal (feminist) judges and getting a fair hearing is like playing a slot machine. What makes this especially tricky is the fact that they are the other parent. They are addicts and they're addicted to the conflict.

They Don’t Have A Choice In The Matter, For The Most Part They Are Just Along For The Ride.

For a father to win joint physical custody and equal parenting time requires the father to show the court such a schedule is in the child's best interest. I went through this for 3 years, and unless you have a great, and helpful attorney, this situation will drain you in every way. Whatever strategies your narcissistic ex might employ, you can successfully gain custody of your child by.

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